Dealing with Phone Anxiety
Experiencing anxiety when receiving a call from someone you fear is a typical stress response and can be attributed to several factors. Anxiety is a natural reaction that prepares our body and mind to deal with perceived threats or danger.
Emotionally Unavailable Parents
Emotionally unavailable parents struggle to provide the emotional support and connection their children need for healthy development. They may have difficulty expressing or acknowledging their emotions, so simultaneously, they cannot empathize with their children's emotional needs. Having emotionally unavailable parents can significantly affect the child's emotional well-being and ability to form healthy relationships later in life. Here are some common characteristics and behaviors associated...
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Tips
Recovering from narcissistic abuse can be a difficult and complex process. Still, some tips can help make the journey easier. Remember, recovery from narcissistic abuse is possible. Learning about the subject and practicing self-care as you navigate the process is paramount.
Narcissistic traits and why it is crucial to know them
Narcissists need constant attention and people's admiration to validate their sense of self. They lack empathy or the ability to care about others' feelings. Awareness of narcissism is crucial for protecting your mental health and self-worth, avoiding toxic relationships, promoting healthy communication, setting boundaries, and radically distancing yourself from those who affect you negatively.